Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is There A Similarity Between The Two?

Its Shark Week and it looks like sharks "sip" dries just like trout

PA Run

This past weekend I made a quick run to Pennsylvania to throw some flies at trout. I hadn't fished for trout in awhile so I needed to get my fix. To sum it up it was a great trip. I met Jared and Mike from Brooks Browns and Bows ( Its a sick blog full of good fish pics. Took a half day sunday and went to fish the Yough and it was good. About half way through fishing it, I decided that I wanted to run a dry-dropper rig, so I tied on a hopper and a nymph. The nymph got tangled so I decided just to clip the dropper off. Not feeling a fly change I stuck with a hopper and on a long drift a good sized brown came up and pounded it. Larry and I both thought it was a fluke that we caught a fish on a hopper but that didn't matter, we took what we could get after all, trout don't come easy in August. I kept the hopper on and a few more fish took it off the surface to end the day. The next day, monday, we headed to Maryland to fish the Savage. Upon arrival I could understand why it was worth the drive. It is by far one of the coolest streams I have ever fished. No fish in the first small run and pockets of water, but when we waded up to a little bit bigger of a run, we saw a few fish rising. Larry said that the fish in this hole were just uncooperative, so mostly as a joke I decided to throw a hopper on and see what would happen. For those who have never fished or heard of the savage it is a tailwater stream in the mountains, meaning there are virtually no grasshoppers around, but I threw one anyways, and like the fish on the Yough, the wild savage browns liked my hopper too. Now whoever actually read all this I applaud you. It is safe to say that I wouldn't have read something this long, and I would have just skipped to the pictures but this was the shortest way possible to explain this weekend of fishing. Enjoy the pics.