Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Trip On the Deerfield

Yes, it was extremely cold. Freezing cold. Ice in the guides, frozen fingers and toes, frostbitten cheeks, some good fish, and one of the most memorable days of fishing I have ever had sums up what happened today. Tom Harrison from Harrison Anglers  took my friend Patrick and I out for the day and for the conditions we made out pretty well. Highlights of the trip were: getting out after a few weeks of no fishing, watching Patrick's champion-style hook sets, some nice browns, and getting back to the truck allowing our fingers to thaw out. Winter fishing is one hell of an experience and I would recommend at least trying it once. There will be more trips like this, so stay posted. Check out the photos and tight lines.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Best Sculpin Pattern

Haven't done any tying lately due to the fact that I don't have anything to tie with, but while surfing the web I came across this. This is possibly the best sculpin pattern I have seen. I can't see a single thing wrong about it. If anyone knows how to tie this leave a comment.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Alaska West

Without doing much fishing in the past couple weeks I've been watching a lot of videos. In the past week of videos, the Alaska West trailer is by far the best. Check it out.

There is a good chance I will get out this coming sunday, and if it goes well, should have some good pictures. Stay tuned, and tight lines to anyone who is lucky enough to get out and fish.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What to do?

Being in school definitely takes up a lot of time, resulting in less time on the water and less time on the water means less fish pictures. Not having fly tying equipment with me at school just makes everything a little bit worse. My way out of this dystopia... constant reruns of Metalhead, Drift, Rise, with the occasional Nervous Water, and Bass: The Movie. I highly suggest those films to anyone who hasn't already seen them, and for those who are stuck inside without any fishing, and those really unfortunate ones who are like me, stuck without tying equipment, watch them all again.

Here is the trailer to Drift. Sweet film one of the best. Enjoy


For Christmas santa was more than good to me. New waders, boots, and sunglasses are amazing presents. Without being able to fish during the week, this new gear is just sitting in my room, waiting for the chance to be used. Right before I left for school I did have a couple opportunities to try it out and they are all amazing. So heres the review of it all:

      -its simple, Simms G4 waders are the best. They are the most comfortable, durable, and are nice and warm in cold water. I haven't found a single thing wrong with them and I doubt I will.


     -The G4 wading boots are in my opinion also the best there is. Super sturdy and durable, comfortable to walk in, and I haven't slipped yet.

      -Not really a Christmas present because I saved up for them for a while, but the costa del mar Stringer sunglasses are sweet. Much more visibility in the water with these, very durable, and they look cool.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

End of 10

So 2010 is done, and as the ball dropped I had to wonder, what was the best fish of the year? Thinking about the steelhead from the erie tribs, the trout on the provo, or other single day trips made it hard to decide, but I think that I came up with an adequate decision on choosing my resident brown trout from west canada creek. A 24" brown on a 5 wt. rod will give one hell of a fight that I will never forget and for that reason it takes the title as my best fish of the year.

When is it too many?

When I was sitting at my test, after just finishing another fly, I thought all that i've done for the past couple days is tie flies, but hadn't gotten a good chance to fish close to half of them. I then had the realization that I really needed to get out on the water and try these flies out. They look real nice and pretty now but they would definitely look a whole lot better with a fresh 10 lb. chromer on the end of it.