Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Here are a few new baitfish patterns that can be used to fish for anything that can fit it in its mouth. I tied these for a friend that fishes for stripers, but also for either muskie or large bass. They don't have a lot of material which makes it good for casting long distances.

Deep Water Egg

I made this egg pattern as a fly that has a good appearance in the water as well as a weighted egg that doesn't need additional weight.

Step 1: Slide an orange led bead onto the hook of the shank.

Step 2: Make a thread base in front of the bead and then make a thread base behind the bead to keep it in place

Step 3: tie down egg yarn

Step 4: fold over the yarn and push it back to make a bubble 

Step 5: repeat step 4 but make the bubble of yarn overtop of the bead 

Step 6: repeat step 4 in front of the bead

Step 7: tie off the yarn and whip finish. Cut both the thread and the yarn.

Finished eggs after put in water.


While in Florida, I managed to sneak a half day of fishing on the flats in. Finally I got my shot at saltwater fish. I was chasing redfish on the nearby flats of Captiva Island. The trip started off as expected; a lot of wind, and long casts. This was not as big as a challenge as one would expect, especially after casting a 10 wt, 400 grain sinking line, a 16 inch fly, and a lot of wind fishing for muskie. The day started off slow, but picked up a little later on and when it picked up it was some serious fishing. At the end of the trip I came to the conclusion that not many fish fight like a redfish on the flats. Enjoy!