Monday, April 25, 2011

Chagrin River Crawler

This is the first fly tying demo that is filmed instead of pictures. I hope it helps because this is a sweet pattern. It gets its name from the first place that it was used and caught a fish. Long story short, it was a hot summer day and I was working a run that I knew had fish in it, but nothing was working so I tried this pattern and it worked. Enjoy

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bristol Bay

It is amazing that something such as the pebble mine can pass by so many people that aren't in the fishing industry as just another event that doesn't matter. This pristine environment in Bristol Bay Alaska is one of the last strongholds for wild salmon, and the ecosystem that relies on the salmon would be so greatly affected by the pebble mine that it would be forever changed. 

Here is a link that is showing that Bristol Bay is getting the support it deserves. Orvis' conservation blog does an amazing job with keeping up with this topic.  check out orvis news to learn more.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Fish Bum

What is a true fish bum? Some people throw the term around fairly loosely, usually for anyone who fishes, but most of the time they aren't true fish bums. The few and the lucky ones that devote their livesnto the sport and industry arent just the ones fishing a few times a week but are the ones that live on the water and fly shops. They eat, sleep, and breath fishing. They find anyway possible to tie flies, using forceps as a vise and anything that's laying around as materials. They are on the water every chance they get. They fish any water not just their home water. Farm ponds to roaring rivers, anywhere that there is fishy water, a fish bum will fish it. Flies and rods are constantly in their cars. So if you're one of the few and lucky people that gets to do everything that makes you a true fish bum, enjoy it because not everyone gets to do it. Tight lines to all the fish bums.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Representing The Midwest Well

When fishing the midwest these guys are doing it right. Sweet film. Check it out and tight lines. Possible fishing expedition tomorrow stay tuned.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Its The Season

Although I have been fishing almost all year round, thanks to awesome tail waters in the winter, amazing great lake tributaries in the fall and spring and awesome lakes with the occasional fickle spring creek in the summer, the image of spring finally setting in seems to bring the feeling of great fishing with it. I am not going to talk winter fishing down because in many ways, I almost like fishing in the winter more (no people, sick pictures, and the face that someone who doesn't fish makes when they hear that you just went fishing for 8 hours in -5 degree weather), but spring and summer fishing is hard to beat. Fishing off the front of a boat in shorts and a teeshirt is pretty hard to beat. Either way, spring is finally here, and in a week or two the lower deerfield, which runs right behind my schools campus, will warm up a little and bring out the big bows that I've heard so much about. There should be some good fish up on Fly Bible in the next few weeks so stay tuned and tight lines.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Streamer Highlights

So after talking to my good friend Jeremy Jones out in Utah, and having him remind me about a streamer I gave him, I had to laugh because looking back on it, as a tyer I sucked when I tied that, but as all fly tyers do, I thought it was beautiful and there wasn't another fly that looked as good. Its been some time since that day and wow, that fly was terrible so because of inspiration from that original blue head streamer, here is a highlight reel of some of the best streamers that I've been tying since the day where the fat blue head and a few strands of ostrich earl was a streamer. Enjoy and tight lines.

Not a great picture but you've got love the rubber worm tail! 

Sorry about the direction of the picture, for some reason my computer wouldn't rotate it

These are just some highlights. All of them except the pink rubber worm streamer, big musky fly, crayfish, and the red and black streamers at the end are on my blog with directions on how to tie. I'll get the other pattern directions up sometime soon. Just look through the posts. In order from top to bottom these patterns are titled on my blog: Steelhead Streamer, SW baitfish, and wool head sculpin.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Harrison Brothers

The Harrison brothers do it big thats the long and short of it. They know the spots on the rivers, and they know how to put you on fish. If anyone is looking for a great guide service in Western Massachusetts check out their website
Here are some pictures from the past week of them once again doing it up big on western mass rivers.

All browns. All big. Sweet fish Dan and Tom.