Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sexy Legs In Full Force

Sometime last year I came up with a pattern, and with the help of some fishing buddies, it was given the name "Sexy Legs." At first glance, this pattern looks like a fly that someone tied by picking some materials and tying it blindfolded, because of is lack of representation of anything particular, but after it's thrown at some fish, and they eat it, it starts to look a little better. I originally tied this pattern as a carp fly, but after being low on streamers in the backcountry of Wyoming tried it out on some trout and they loved it! I have now used this pattern all across the country and it has worked on a lot of different fish. It is because of all the weird looks and its success while fishing that I believe "Sexy Legs" deserves another post with a couple snapshots of some fish taken on the original "Sexy Legs" fly. From Wyoming cutties to local Ohio smallmouth bass, "Sexy Legs" has been killin' it. "Sexy Legs" is back and here to stay!

The Original "Sexy Legs" 

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